Are you let down by your library barcode labels?

Are they smudging? Not scanning correctly?

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We supply pre-printed library barcode labels to start from number 00001 or we can follow on from your existing numbers.

It may seem cheaper to print your own, but printing your own library barcode labels can be fiddly and time consuming AND result in a poor quality label.

Our self-adhesive library barcode labels:

      • are high quality – satisfaction guaranteed

      • are coated – so they don’t smudge

      • have aggressive adhesive – so they stick and stay on

      • work with any library system or scanner

      • can include your organisation name

      • are competitively priced

Review our library barcode labels below.

1D Library Barcode Labels

These popular barcode labels are the most common type of library barcode labels as they are compatible with most library systems. 1D is a linear barcode that uses lines of various widths and spaces to encode the data. It usually represents an acquisition or item number in a library system. Click on an image to see the full details in our online shop.

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Shop for library barcode scanners

Shop for library barcode scanners

We supply library barcode scanners that work with your library software for your peace of mind.

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Our promise to you is a fair deal

Buy with confidence because we promise to:

  • Provide fast delivery from the UK.
  • Help you to buy the correct labels for your needs.
  • Replace your labels if they are faulty.
  • Give you fair price.
  • Keep your personal data secure and private.
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“We were tasked with moving all of our Library, Museums and Archives collections offsite whilst the building was redeveloped.  An early challenge in this massive logistics project was finding barcodes that wouldn’t damage the old, rare or sensitive items in our collection. Bailey Solutions was brilliant in understanding our requirements and delivered our barcodes and scanners within 10 working days.  We had a few teething problems with setting up the Bluetooth scanners; Bailey Solutions went above and beyond in assisting with the set up and related trouble-shooting.  I would be more than happy to recommend Bailey Solutions as their customer service was second to none.  The barcodes and scanners are perfect for our needs at a reasonable price.”

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