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Our library cards are the solution! Here’s why…

Each user has a library card or ID card with a unique barcode number, which links to the information about the user in your system. The ID card is always ready for swiping/scanning which saves you staff time finding and verifying users.

In our KnowAll Matrix library system or Simple Little Library System, the process breaks down into 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan the library card.
  2. Scan the barcode label on the chosen item.
  3. Select check-in/check-out

 … and that’s it! Such a simple method means that even untrained users do not need supervision.

This solution also works with self-service facilities. Please enquire below for more information.

User & library card

The benefits of using library cards

  • Free up staff for other jobs.
  • Hassle-free evidence of ID and library membership.
  • No problems confusing users with the similar names.
  • Reduced queues means happier users!
  • You can trust users to help themselves.

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Shop for library scanners

Shop for library scanners

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Shop for library barcode labels

Shop for library barcode labels

We supply library barcode labels especially formatted to work with your library software for your peace of mind.

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“We were tasked with moving all of our Library, Museums and Archives collections offsite whilst the building was redeveloped.  An early challenge in this massive logistics project was finding barcodes that wouldn’t damage the old, rare or sensitive items in our collection. Bailey Solutions was brilliant in understanding our requirements and delivered our barcodes and scanners within 10 working days.  We had a few teething problems with setting up the Bluetooth scanners; Bailey Solutions went above and beyond in assisting with the set up and related trouble-shooting.  I would be more than happy to recommend Bailey Solutions as their customer service was second to none.  The barcodes and scanners are perfect for our needs at a reasonable price.”

Logo of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Jo DelderfieldRoyal College of Surgeons

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